Find Simplicity in the Stress of Auto Accidents

An auto accident can be a very scary and stressful time, filled with confusion and worry. All the details of filing an auto claim, repairing your car, getting a rental car and exactly what and how much you need to pay for can be incredibly tedious and stressful. But there are many ways you can limit the stress before, after and during the auto accident process.

Obviously, no one wants to think about having an auto accident, but simply reading over your policy or discussing it with your agent could help you better prepare for a potential accident.

Consider adding insurance to cover the cost of a rental car. Your car might need repairs after a potential accident, forcing you to get a rental. If it’s in your policy, your insurance agent can help you find a rental car company, save you time and most importantly the stress after an auto accident.

Now for the accident itself – First of all, find out if anyone is injured. Once you determine no one is injured, exchange information (insurance information, driver’s license information, license plate numbers and phone numbers) with the other driver and call the police then your insurance agent. Do not try to assess blame or fault; let the insurance companies or police handle that.

Calmly explain the situation to the police and your insurance agent, informing both that there are no injuries. Remember your agent is there to help you in every possible way he/she can; so try to be patient.

Then, ask your agent about the next steps. Where can you take your car for repairs? Where can you get a rental? What if your car needs to be towed to the repair shop? Discuss these details and exactly what is covered in your policy.

Next, yours and the other driver’s insurance companies can determine if the other driver was at fault in the accident and his/her insurance will pay for damages to both cars.

Now, it’s time for the repairs process. Try to be understanding and patient with your insurance agent because this can be a long and complicated process. Ask your agent if there is anything else he/she needs from you and how to proceed on getting a rental car, if needed.

After the process is over and you have your car back, talk to your insurance agent about how you can make your policy more comprehensive, protecting you for future situations.

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